7 Day Liver Detox

from £3,500

Our programme focuses very much on internal cleansing which includes colonic irrigation. This retreat will be a life changing experience for you, the Liver is a major organ for detoxification, everything we eat/ drink or put on the skin has to be filtered through this amazing organ, it really is the engine of the body, so once a year it’s important to give it an MOT, once you’ve gone through the cleanse your body will start to fire on all cylinders and give you the strength and energy to keep you Balanced and well, you will have no limits!

Enthusiasm and zest for life will be renewed. Take that first step to health freedom.

Rid your body of harmful toxins
Toxic chemicals come from a variety of external sources, fatty foods, cigarettes, alcohol, pollution, amalgam fillings, heavy metals, ‘electro pollution’ such as microwaves, mobile phones and other factors, the biggest one being stress. The aim of detoxing is to eliminate these toxins by cleansing your liver, kidneys and intestinal tract.

What to expect

If you want to lose weight, you will certainly make great improvements in this area but remember a detox can’t keep the weight off unless you eat a balanced diet.

  • Get rid of the gallstones
  • Boost your energy and improve your immune system
  • Stabilise your blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Clear your skin and look younger

WARNING: Always do this programme professionally, as Gallstones can travel to places where they shouldn’t, if Liver Cleanses are done without supervision.

What is included?
  • Self-administered enema – most important!
  • All supplements/herbs/tinctures
  • Essential Oils
  • Seminars and workshops on holistic mind, body management
  • 2 hour cooking classes on the use of essential oils in food and topical application
  • Far Infrared Sauna
  • Homeopathic Consultations
  • Integrated Breath Therapy
  • Colonic Irrigation
  • Daily Meditations
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Personal Exercise Programme (if requested)
  • Consultation/Assessment

Also included

  • Delicious vegetarian raw food and juicing lessons*
  • Personal Growth activities to help you fulfil your potential
  • Vision Quest. Creative visualisation put into art form.
  • Rebounding (mini Trampoline)**
  • Country walks

Other services not included

To be booked and paid for in advance

  • Counselling – £60
  • Blood group testing – £55
  • Full body scan – £285

*The Liver programme will start to help you prepare your body, so that nutritionally you will be able to absorb your food much better, thereby helping to get rid of gallstones. Your body will start to alkalize thereby giving more energy to the cells making it easier to lose weight.
** The Liver Cleanse is suitable for 16yrs upwards and at any fitness level.

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