Bed and Breakfast Stay

£65 Price per person per night
Why not come and stay in the tranquillity of Beechcroft Retreat, just de-stess and recharge your batteries without the distractions of home/work.

We can offer you a relaxed stay including Breakfast. Other meals can be added to you stay Lunch £8 and Evening Meal £15 per person per day.

“Thank you so very much for my stay. It worked! I lost five and a quarter pounds. You know I am open and honest. I was so unhappy about my weight and my eating in the evenings, I was so difficult for me to lose the weight. I knew I had to do something and I couldn’t afford a slimming retreat. Also the last time I was at one I vowed I would never come again as I felt so ill. So what was I going to do? Then you came into my mind, if I could just stay somewhere away from my environment which would also be another massive plus to have reflection time, it would be the best. Well I was so right. This has had a major impact on my well being and a turning point in my life. I am set to do the programme for another week very soon.”
– Anne

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