A gentle internal bath using warm purified Grander water, recommended for a wide range of health problems – Beechcroft is one of the only private practices who uses Grander water exclusively on the premises.

Eliminates stored faecal matter, gas, mucus, and toxic substances from the colon, recommended for constipation, IBS, gas and bloating. Colon hydrotherapy is performed with love and great care in a specially designed facility, using Grander water and a range of energetic essences. Cleansing and rehabilitating the bowel is of primary importance in treating many health problems. Do-Terra essential oils are used throughout the treatment.

We then re-populate the gut with all the good bacteria with the enzymes, oxygen and nutrients.
Colonic hydrotherapy helps to treat: food intolerance, allergies, leaky gut, candidacies, parasitic Infestation, diverticulitis, chronic constipation, malabsorbtion, and much more, it is said that the colon is the second brain:- that’s food for thought.