Growing and maintaining hair stimulation is a major concern for more than sixty percent of the adult male population and – twenty-five percent of the women. Causes of hair loss are varied and can include hormones. Hormone Imbalance includes other relevant hormones that affect hair loss or growth include the testosterone, estrogen and progesterone levels as well as cortisol, aldesterone and DHEA, all which can may be tested and naturally altered.

Unhealthy Diet creates mineral imbalances, vitamin deficiencies and the lack of sufficient live enzymes. Poor diet is already known to contribute to nearly every health malady. Poor quality foods, foods rich in sugars and chemicals or foods disagreeable for your personal body type add more stress to the hair follicles. Hair follicle receptors then become programmed to slow down or shut down off the hair production. With a poor unhealthy diet the immune system becomes weakened and can mistake hair follicles for a foreign tissue thus attacking and destroying continued healthy growth.

The best things to do are to make sure you have a healthy diet and your hormones are balanced. Beechcroft Retreats provides nutrition guidance and can also help you find information on balanced hormones. Our retreats can include nutritional advice too.