Meditation & Silent Weekend Retreat

Friday 3pm – Sunday 5pm

£395 Inclusive

Stress and tiredness can make us very unhappy, even frustrated and inpatient.

Meditation gives us time to clear the cobwebs from our minds, on our mini weekend break we are taking your meditation and detox to the next level.

Your morning will start with light breakfast then off to Ashdown Forest for our silent walking meditation, capturing the morning silence at its best. Mingling with the true sound of nature these weekends are suited for those with a good level of fitness and health.

Detox in our far infrared sauna, which draw up to 80% more toxins from the body than your ordinary steam saunas.

Three wholesome bio-dynamic vegetarian meals are served daily, Beechcroft Retreats is renowned for long stay intensive detox programmes. Extra treatments can be arranged, but must be booked in advance

You will leave the weekend with far more clarity, feeling more grounded and much more in touch with yourself and your feelings, with new strategies for coping with stress.

The retreat has a limited availability of 10 people per retreat, as we want you to have a personal experience.

Please note that deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What people say about the retreat…

Recommended by my friend, I went to my first ever colonic irrigation at Beechcroft in September. I found this was the place I would like to come back again.

As a Taiwanese, I started to use the traditional plant-based herb-based medicines and those hundred- or thousand-years of traditional clinics in the recent ten years, even though I had a lot of family members were working as professors of top (western doctors) medical schools/ hospitals in Taiwan (you might then be able to imagine the reasons).

During the second trip on three-day weekend meditation with Merlee, the only word I would recommend anybody is: go!

It was not just a meditation (first ever for me), but more importantly, I’ve been inspired and taught so much, physically mentally spiritually, from Merlee and all other surrounded things. However, the “universe” will let you choose your own time to go, as to meet the right person(s) at your own right time.

It is very personal to be there to make your life a major change and get something you never experience/ think/ realise before. So I would recommend you to ask yourself only, not ask Merlee, me, or your friends.

The second trip brought me a perfect ending in this England trip during such a challenging 2020 year. Everyone on earth understand our world changed from this year dramatically. However, our own world should not be blocked by what other people/ media said, or what the number of cases have been there.

See beyond what we see. Listen beyond what we listen. We can feel the truth from own heart, and we know what is what it is real.

I’ll take so much beautiful things back to Taiwan soon. I wish more people are awake soon and have a wonderful retreat experience at Beechcroft in the future.

– Dr. I Han

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