Nikken PiMag Water Filter Replacements

Alkaline, filtered, life enhancing, “Living” water available in your home or office at a fraction of the cost of delivered bulk bottled water, using good old fashioned tap water poured into the top of the system. Fill up your personal bottle before you leave home and never waste money on bottled water again.

To order yours, contact Merlee on 01342 824 528 or 07753 273887 or email

Commercially bottled water is expensive – PiMag water costs a fraction of the price. With bottled water, the contents can vary depending on where or when it was bottled. The PiMag Aqua Pour provides consistent quality. Most importantly, with the PiMag Aqua Pour you get more than water – you get PiMag water.

Who needs a PiMag Aqua Piour

The PiMag Aqua Pour or Aqua Pour Deluxe Gravity Water System is a way to ensure that you always have PiMag water whenever you need it. Your health – and the health of your family – depends on a supply of water at all times. The PiMag Aqua Pour is your assurance that you’ll always have a practical, economical, ready source of healthy, delicious water. Count on it – it’s as reliable as gravity. Enjoy PiMag water, the water of life!