Safe Liver Cleanse

Mar 23, 2016

Merlee V Harris ND

Specialist in liver cleanse and system detox – The Safe way

What do I mean when I say liver detox the safe way?

“What’s unsafe about drinking olive oil and Epsom salts?” I am sometimes asked. This is what I say, as a leading naturopath and specialist in liver cleansing and whole body system detoxing. I liken the second question to: Everyone can go out walking, those who can may even go running.Will you get results? If done regularly , you will… BUT would you have done it safely? Would you be taking measures to protect your joints and the impact it will have on your spine?

In other words would you have invested in proper running shoes, or would you go out in your plimsoles or flip flops! I can hear shouts of “Don’t be so silly, I would wear trainers! ” Yes but any old pair? That doesn’t give your feet the proper support it needs.

So let’s get back to the liver. Your body works on a very intelligent system. Every organ has it’s own time clock built into each cell, the mitochondria being the large battery. The whole system responds like a well lead orchestra. Have you ever listened to one that was out of tune? To get a balanced sound everyone needs to know that they are playing, that way the melody is sweet to the ears. Just going into a liver cleanse without proper preparation, without all systems in full agreement, could lead to a massive healing crisis after the cleanse.

1: Without proper preparation the liver goes under stress. The tendency to vomit and feel sick is more heightened.

2: The bowel/colon, if not cleaned out sufficiently, will protest by giving you feelings of gas and bloating, passing of putrid wind, along with constipation or diarrhoea, all of which can lead to the infamous IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

I receive hundreds of calls and emails throughout the year from people who have gone on line and followed recipes to do a liver cleanse and it’s gone terribly wrong! Gallstones have got stuck and travelled to places they shouldn’t have, and those people have ended up with some of them having to have their gallbladder surgically removed.

Now don’t get me wrong. Did they get stones out by following on line? Yes they did. But now were back to the shoe/ orchestra analogy. Just because a scan or an ultra sound show’s you to have stones, I would not recommend removing your gallbladder unless it is proven to be cancerous.

The gallbladder is a very important organ. It is a small string purse like sac/ shape which sits just under the liver. It’s job is to store the bile that helps you digest fats. From there the bile is moved into the small intestine. The small intestine is the part where up to 90% of the foods eaten is absorbed, the other 10% takes place in the stomach and large bowel/ intestine.

So how important is the gallbladder to the small intestine? The small intestine absorbs all the nutrients and minerals from your food, Can you see why the gallbladder is so important? It’s part of your digestive system.
Don’t go for the easy option when you’re told you have gallstones, contact a specialist like us at Beechcroft.

Let us teach you, and share with you age old naturopathic principals that are SAFE, tried and tested throughout time.

When you invest in our programme you will learn how to correctly measure all the ingredients needed to harmonise your orchestra ( smile) and be able to do your own liver cleanse at home, with surety and

Please note the word ‘own liver cleanse’. The methods taught are strictly tailor made for the individuals who have done the Beechcroft programme and NOT designed or intended for an individual to perform or share with members of family/ friends. Leave it to the experts!

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