Beechcroft Supplements

We have our own range of health supplements. All the brands are UK made with the best sourced and ethical ingredients. Our aim is for you to have top quality products at a reasonable price.

We can also be contacted for a 20 minute free consultation on the use of the any of the products, and other related items.

Beechcroft Publications

With over 41 years dedicated to health, well being and spiritual development, :Merlee: has built up a wealth of knowledge, which she is now sharing through her own publications.

:Merlee:’s books include Little Merlee’s, a compilation of healthy dishes with a twist, and Digestive Enzymes: Detecting Leaky Gut Syndrome, which offers two methods of how to heal the gut with practical solutions for diet and supplemental applications.

DoTerra essential oils

DoTerra offers the best the purest essential oils on the market. Quality is everything, smells heavenly each oil draws in a different mood.

Our range of different oils will help support digestion, clear the airways, sooth the skin and enhance most healing crisis.

For more information on the full range email to make an appointment for a free assessment on how to use them.


Kaqun water represents an absolutely unique advancement in water technology, leading to a specific treatment process that enables oxygen to be absorbed by the body to a greater extent. The Kaqun technology transforms dissolved oxygen into a stabilised form. Kaqun water is the only currently known water that has undergone more than ten years of clinical and laboratory research.​