Sugar Addiction is the term describing dependence on sugar consumption. Your body can become dependent on increased sugar intake. We are all programmed to like sugar. Think about it. Have you ever heard of anyone not liking sugar, as opposed to staying off it for health reasons? Do you know that some people are genetically more prone to sugar addiction than others? Nothing to do with health, diet etc, but genetics.

It all stems from the brain’s reward centre. We vary in our capacity for pleasure. For some, it takes extreme stimulation for the reward centre to function and make us feel rewarded. We often see these as moral failures or results of character defects. In fact, it is just that some are unlucky to be born with a higher threshold for pleasure.

So, can you do anything about it, or are you stuck with avoiding sugar for fear of addiction, weight gain and low self esteem? Well yes. You can modify the activity of the pleasure gene by changing your brain function with the use of specific nutrients.

Balance your blood sugar by eating a nutritious breakfast with some protein. Have smaller meals every 3-4 hours and have some protein included. Also, avoid eating 3 hours before bedtime. Eliminate sugar and artificial sweeteners and your cravings will stop. Reset your brain by stopping completely, then gradually let sugar back into your life. Overall you will find you are not as addicted as you once were. Get 7-8 hours proper sleep, and cravings for all manner of foods will subside. Finally, optimize Vitamin D, Omega 3 oils, and Glutamine. This will help restore your body’s balance.

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