In just 7 days I cleaned my whole system and feel as though I am living in a new body. My liver-gallbladder detox at Beechcroft under your expert guidance, Merlee, is responsible for this rapid transformation. Not only does my body feel ‘washed through’, but my mind feels so much clearer and sharper.No two bodies are alike and, for me, the most outstanding feature of your programme is that it is tailor made to the individual body down to the last detail concerning food, liquids, herbs, supplements and treatments.In the 30 years I’ve been cleansing, I’ve never found another retreat like yours that heals mind, body and spirit each day. On a spiritual note, you taught me that the liver holds anger and the gallbladder resentment. Here’s a thought… perhaps keeping our livers clean and happy might contribute to a more peaceful world? Thank you, Merlee, for restoring my mind and body to vibrant health. I’m so grateful.
- PL, London

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One of our visitors kept a diary of her stay from 19th – 23rd November 2018, detailing how the experience helped her.

Merleé, I can’t thank you enough for one of the most insightful experiences I have ever had. I know that my journey to better health has only just begun and I need to build up the resilience, confidence and belief in myself to make sure that I continue this vital life-saving regime that you have helped me to begin.

“I underwent corrective surgery at birth, 71 years ago, as I was born with an imperforate anus. Current medical opinion is that the surgery was well performed but I have suffered from constipation all my life.

I reached crisis point a few weeks ago when I was resorting to weekly colonics and very high doses of a strong laxative, in effect a bowel cleanser more usually prescribed to clear the bowel before a medical procedure.

I stayed at Beechcroft for nearly three weeks and undertook the liver detox and plaque removal programmes. I didn’t find it easy, but Merlee has helped me see that I can beat my demons and attain regular bowel movements without resorting to laxatives and colonic irrigation.

The treatments aren’t expensive for what is in effect a “bespoke” service. This is a vital element at Beechcroft. Every person’s body is unique and Melee is vigilant in assessing how each patient responds to the treatments they are undergoing to ensure that everyone attains the optimum benefit. And the food is very tasty too!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Beechcroft to anyone with bowel problems.”

– Pat Cunningham

“I really enjoyed my time at Beechcroft retreats. I feel attending and meeting someone as calm spirited as Merlee was a necessary part of my journey to better health.

After years of unexplained illnesses and depression, I finally feel more confident in my condition because I received a final direct diagnosis. I feel that doctors only touch the surface and never want to find the root of the issue, but at Beechcroft you get your answers without delay. Meeting Merlee helped me so much because she is so supportive, and as busy as she is, makes time for each and every person. It was nice to speak with someone who actually hears me when I speak.

Beechcroft is a well equipped Santuary that deals with ALL health issues. Physical, internal, mental, emotional and spiritual. It helps you focus your mind so you find peace within yourself and the place you are at in your life; and look to a positive, more fulfilling future.

Beechcroft educates you thoroughly on things that society is very ignorant to and makes you aware of even things that we see as minor. With Merlee’s amazing recipes, she teaches clients to get their diet right and educates on how to get that done. You are made weary of habits and things to change, such as chewing properly before swallowing and taking time to eat each meal to allow for better digestion.

I will definitely be attending Beechcroft again and I am hopeful for better days in my life. I am just so glad I no longer have to make excuses for my health issues according to lack of knowledge anymore.

I highly recommend. Very refreshing!”

– Floella

“I was officially diagnosed with chronic anaemia and Menorrhagia in October 2019, whilst in my third year of university, which was very unsettling for me. I heard about Beechcroft Retreats and decided that I would like to give it a go, in hopes to improve my lifestyle and help my condition naturally. I completed the 3-day retreat programme and I was pleasantly surprised as I didn’t know what to expect. Dr Harris is an amazing woman with a wealth of knowledge and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her. She was attentive, caring and very hands on; helping me get the most out of my experience. Not only did I leave Beechcroft Retreats, feeling invigorated, but I also left with more motivation and knowledge than I expected. The group of people that I completed the training programme with, were all lovely and supportive of my journey. I enjoyed every aspect of this retreat and had the opportunity to try new dishes that I wouldn’t make on a normal day. I feel much more at peace and very hopeful. I can confidently say that my life will not be the same and I look forward to a better lifestyle. I will most definitely be returning to Beechcroft for many more treatments.”

– Aghogho Agbinor

“My wife and I came to Beechcroft in the depths of winter for different healing reasons and I must say that we were made to feel most welcome and warm (mostly) by our graciously hospitable host, Merlee Harris. I stayed for a week of detox and came away with much knowledge about diet, lifestyle habits and general wellbeing, which was generously passed on by our hostess. Some of the treatments that I was maybe dreading, such as self-administered enemas, were in fact a lot easier and comfortable than I imagined and that was due to the down-to-earth explanations and health benefits accrued. Sharing her own home with strangers must be difficult but it was managed with grace and hospitality and we always knew exactly what was what by the firm but caring attitude of Merlee. By the end of the week, it felt like family and you can’t ask for more than that.

Highly recommended for anyone with general health issues or imbalance and the treatments were tailored to each individual needs rather than sticking to a formulaic system. The depth of knowledge acquired by Merlee over her years of training and studying was quite mind-boggling, whether it was foot or body massage to oil treatments and meditation and breathing and there were always books on hand to help with key topics. We were encouraged to help and heal ourselves, which is the best way because in the end, no-one knows your body better than yourself.

Just one point, be prepared to have deep pockets as the treatment isn’t cheap but how can you put a price on health and ongoing wellbeing.”

– James Lascelles

“Thanks again for an inspiring and restorative weekend. I had a restful stay and yourself and David were such wonderful hosts. 
I haven’t felt so taken care of in a long time! The weekend at Beechcroft introduced me to many new experiences. You have a lovely place and it is very inviting. I am only sorry that not all of the guests were gracious, friendly or open. That was not for the want of trying on your and David’s part or the other guests. Life is full of different people I guess and they only did themselves a disservice with their attitude, rudeness and behaviour. However, that did not spoil the experience or the power of the time we all spent with you at the weekend. I just wanted to let you know that It was wonderful to spend time with you, I really enjoyed your company. You are a lovely genuine human being. 
On another note, I’m going to send you the email recipe for you to email out.”


“I have been a patient for a number of years and have had various treatments at Merlee clinics. Merlee tenacity, wisdom. commitment, knowledge and expertise gave me tools for maintaining good health. I am thankful and with Coronavirus in full swing I am prepared, breathing exercises, meditation, detoxification, relaxation/ stillness and food as my medicine lessons taught by Merlee. A real treasure.”


What can I say about my stay at Beechcroft ? It is a gem of a place, a place that is beautiful with lush surroundings . My stay at Beechcroft was excellent, it was a time of laughter, tears, reflection and healing. I learnt a lot about myself especially learning a different way of eating during the day while still enjoying food. I cannot give Dr Merlee enough credit for how she cared for my needs, she was a courteous, friendly host, she made me feel loved and that I mattered, she made everything bespoke to my needs. I was educated I was feed with love everyday. Dr Merlee is a asset to her profession everything she did she explained in great depth and made it a learning opportunity. I know that I have gained confidence in helping myself holistically and definitely in my health journey because of my amazing stay at Beechcroft.

– N.C. October 2023

“I can’t recommend these retreats highly enough – less than an hour from London, but a few minutes after arriving you’ll feel a million light years away it all. Merlee’s approach is pragmatic, intuitive and spiritual, (without being too new-agey!). She’s a wonderful cook, mealtimes are blissful. Relaxing surroundings, beautiful long walks. There’s a great choice of treatments & activities, something for everyone. The most memorable thing for me was just how much fun it was.”

– Andria Aisha

“I came to Beechcroft for a liver cleanse and found the retreat to offer so much more than I expected. Next to the cleaning and detoxing of the body, for which Merlee offers exceptional guidance, I went home with numerous tips and tools to live a healthier and better life. I’m thankful for my experience and can recommend this to anybody who lives in the busy and polluted world of today.”

– Vincent

“I had a draw to come back again, my first visit was amazing, this time I have been able to absorb everything. Thank you Merlee I have had a wonderful weekend. 
Hope to come back again
. Ps. The massage was fantastic, hoped it would never end.”

– Sue

“Soul rejuvenation, thank you for a much needed respite, it has charged me up. The group was great and gelled well from the start. The environment, food activities all add up to make a most memorable time.”

– Marilyn

“Thank you very much for the weekend and it was lovely to meet you and David – and a very convivial set of fellow guests.  I really enjoyed the ambiance, the yoga and the treatments but the highlight was the breathing – the closing sensation was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.”

– M.D. London

“I feel very blessed to have been here this weekend. It has been fabulous – the company, the beautiful home, superb food, one of the best massages EVER! Over and above everything though, to share some of Merlee’s wonderful wisdom. Thank you so much! It wasn’t long enough.”

– Alex

“It’s been a treat. Thank you for an amazing weekend. I felt as if I was at home. I felt welcomed, comfortable and it was blissful. The food was excellent. Looking forward to coming back. Great atmosphere. Lovely weekend for mind, body and soul. Thank you Merlee.”

– Yvonne

“I arrived heavy in heart and head and return home light, refreshed and rejuvenated. Merlee was just amazing!”

– Pip

“It has been a long time since I took a pause from life and in all honesty I was apprehensive. But when we stepped through the door I just knew that we had come home. Merlee has magic in her eyes, and love in her touch. She has given me rest, kindness and nourishment that I didn’t even realise how much I needed. She has also opened up a spiritual path for someone so close to me that I know will help her so much. I thank you so much and I’ll be back.”

– Heather

“This is my third visit, so something must be calling me back. Thank you for a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend the massage was phenomenal! The new studio is welcoming, comfortable and calming. 
I will be back again thank you Merlee. Ps: The food was fab too!”

– Angelia B

“Thank you Merlee for a wonderful weekend retreat I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my life, a new future I have enjoyed every aspect of this weekend, given me plenty to think about. Amazing food, wonderful host love and thanks.”

– Cathy Wallace

“Thank you for your warm, loving, insightful, spiritual, educating and more than we can articulate experience with you at Beechcroft. It’s been a wonderful time we have spent wit you  and the dogs’ of course.”

Audley & Lorna