Weekend Retreat

Friday 12 Noon – 5pm Sunday
£795 Inclusive

Enjoy our 3 day pampering and all inspiring retreat. Maybe you’re a busy housewife, a business person with not a lot of time on your hands but you need to have a mini break, this will tick all the boxes for you. You will also discover skills and tools that will help you. You’ll try things that you have not tried before. After the weekend you will be so relaxed that you will feel stronger and more balanced.

Meet and make friends with like minded people. You will take part in personal growth activities to help you fulfil your potential. Sauna’s and country walks, Delicious, homemade vegetarian food to savour. We believe that by selecting and limiting your diet for a short period of time it can help you to start detoxing harmful toxins which have slowed you down and built up in your body, this will start to slow you down and made you feel sluggish.

The mini detox will boost your energy, help your immune system, clear you skin balance and stabilise your blood sugars.
If you want to lose weight, this will get you off to a great start. There will be personal exercise programmes which will help you succeed such as yoga, Pilates, rebounding and integrated breath work.

These weekends are very popular and we only take a maximum of 8 people. The Weekend Retreat begins on Friday midday and finishes Sunday at 5pm.

Due to Popular Demand this has now been extended with additional activities.


Please note all accommodation is ‘shared’, single supplements are available on a first come first serve basis at a cost of £50
What is included?
  • Hiking and country walks
  • Seminars and workshops on holistic mind, body management and self-discovery.
  • Far Infrared Sauna
  • Far Infrared Sauna with steam steam – with essential oils a small supplement of £15 per session is chargeable. Detoxify and lose weight. Scientific studies show that a 25 minute session in an infrared sauna can assist in the loss of toxins and helps with the breakdown of cellulite and impurities.
  • Yoga/ Pilates (varies week to week)
  • Beautiful Country Walks
  • Breath work
  • Mini Consultation with :Merlee:
Also Included are 2 of the following treatments:

  • Luxury Hand Massage (using Do-terra Essential Oils)
  • Back Massage
  • 2 hour workshop on the use of ingestible organic essential oils.
  • Foot Detox session

Also available and payable in advance:

  • Blood Group Testing with 8 page dietary advise £50
  • Steam with Essential oils – £15 per session
  • Full Consultation with :Merlee:/background health review and advice – £40 supplement

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