Zen treatment list

Far Infrared Red Sauna £25.00
Hopi Ear Cleansing Treatment £55.00
Colonic Irrigation with consultation for 1st treatment

Follow up Colonic Treatments



Bio-Energiser Foot Detox £55.00
Reflexology Foot Zone Treatment with Do-Terra Therapeutic Oils £65.00
Himalayan Body Polish, Scrub & Massage £95.00
Bentonite Clay detox fat reducing wrap £95.00
Hair & Scalp Treatment (great for thinning & brittle hair) £55.00
Individual Rebounding Teaching Session £45.00
Galvanic Fat Reduction £85.00
Luxury Galvanic Facial £75.00
Full Body Massage £75.00
G5 Lymphatic Cellulite Reduction Treatment £95.00
Non-surgical Facelift (Facial) £80.00
Breathwork Therapy £85.00
Consultation with Merlee £155.00
Viva-Mayr Treatment (bloatedness, constipation and wind) £70.00
Blood Group Testing (inc 8-page eating guide and recommendations) £75.00
Biomagnetism Treatment £75.00
Mayan Massage £75.00
Deep Cleansing & Relaxing Facial using Do-Terra Therapeutic Oils £65.00
Ceragem Full Body Therapy £95.00
Essential Oil Consultation inc iTOVi Scan £55.00

Please note: Zen at Beechcroft do not claim to diagnose or cure any conditions, disease or to replace the advice given by your GP or healthcare practitioner. The information that you are given reflect Merlee’s own opinions according to naturopathic principles and researches understood and published within the naturopathic profession. The practitioner must be informed if you are taking any medication, are pregnant or otherwise. Full payment must be made for all additional treatments before commencement of your Retreat, this payment is non-refundable if you fail to show up or cancel your appointment without giving 48 hours notice.