Who are we?

We are a people steeped in almost forgotten history. We go back to a time, 1739, when a treaty was made between the Maroons and the British Crown, forged in time when our own Queen Nanny of the Maroons led slave rebellions against the British.

We won because of the known historic woman we know as Queen Nanny of the Maroons. She was a strong determined warrior who led her people fearlessly to victory. She was a known military strategist, she was focused, she was magical, working at one with nature and the elemental beings. She was a spiritual leader and healer. Queen Nanny was revered, respected and feared by her adversaries.

Her knowledge of camouflage on the battle field inspires the British army to this day. Those who know of her, past and present are mesmerised by the legend that is Queen Nanny of the Maroons.

Further reading

The Mother Of Us All – by Karla Gottlieb
The Maroon Story: The Authentic And Original History Of The Maroons – Bev Carey

Nanny’s kitchen has been born from a calling, an awakening, that we have to do something to help the starving and disadvantaged people in our society.
We have to stop looking away, distracted by the distraction! Think about it, whilst we are all being told “look over here!” In the meantime, HELLO! What’s just happened over there when we took our eyes of the ball.

We have people standing outside food banks, people sleeping on the streets.

We look away because we never want to feel that one day that person could be us, asking for a cup of tea, sitting in all weather conditions, hoping some person will drop a coin in their tin.

Our Aim

Our mission is to reach out and feed as many homeless and destitute people as possible. The mission aims to feed at least 500 people twice weekly with nourishing locally sourced foods. We will make our presence known to all retailers who will be willing to help us with goods and produce.

I’m very much aware that that food waste in the UK is one of the most neglected areas. A report from 2018 states that around 9.5 million tonnes of food was wasted, 70% of which could have been consumed by the people. The estimation was that this waste had a value of over £19 billion a year and would be associated with more than 25 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

It is also said that of this waste, 6.4 million tonnes could have been eaten. This is the equivalent of over 15 billion meals…. It’s a disgrace! As I share these stats with you all, it breaks my heart and pains my soul that this is allowed to happen, while the UK government close their eyes and say “nothing to see here!” In the meantime the vulnerable are ignored, neglected and suffer!

The Sovereign Maroons are on it! We are aware of the appallingly suffering and poverty of the people. Nanny’s Kitchen is bringing to the table HOPE, solutions and awareness to this problem.

We know it may take a little time but we also have the drive and confidence, that with our Maroon Spirit we will take this forward to a successful conclusion.

As well as the food we want to help with giving products for general hygiene, to support basic human dignity. We want to set up a ‘buddy-system’, where a group of our Sovereign Maroons give time, talk and listen to the homeless people’s needs and concerns. As this cause grows, we the Maroons want to be the people that the homeless, vulnerable individuals can call out to when things get desperate, knowing someone who cares can be on call to possibly help someone who is desperate and cold. Someone who has lost hope , someone who’s possibly about to make a decision between life and death, can know that we will be there for them no matter what.

This is where our charity’s vision is to have several safe shelters set up in each borough. These will be Maroon shelters for the homeless. The shelters will be looked after by the people who inhabit them. They will be guided by professionals who are in the field of care, hygiene, community organisation skills. That way the shelters will be run by the homeless for homeless and NOT by bureaucrats (who are faceless individuals who don’t care)


The Sovereign Maroon Nanny’s Kitchen is looking for like-minded people to join us. Whatever occupation you’re from, whatever nationality, we are asking for you to put your application forward and come join us.

Please call me on:-  07753 273887 or email:- sovereignmaroonnannyskitchen@gmail.com

In closing I want you all to think on the word dignity, in context of what you’ve just read.
My understanding of it is : Dignity is the right of a person to be valued and respected for their sake and to be treated ethically. It is stated and defined as the personal quality of being worthy of honour.

The Dream is Real, the Need is Great, The Vision is Clear, We Need to Act Now! Let’s help the people of the streets to claim back their true identity. Let’s help them to get back their dignity. Let’s help them to live their birth rights as true Free sovereign people.

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