For thirty-five years, I’ve been saying just look at the ‘eat right for your blood type’ and to this day I still believe that it is the correct mind set to have on the subject, because it still carries more weight than eating a faddy diet – i.e. the pineapple diet; the eat as much grapes as you can diet. You see where I’m going with this.

So, are you about to ask “what’s changed for you Merlee?” well seeing that you are asking I will share something with you, I touched upon it in the afterword that I wrote for my book Digestive Enzymes, Detecting a Leaky Gut.

I had digestive issues for years but I was blessed that the profession that was afforded to me which kept me on my toes, in that I was super conscious and aware of everything that I was consuming in the form of foods and drinks, I thought I had it down to precision, because I was following the eating plan that was designed to help the four blood types, Being more aware of the different foods that could trigger a lectin protein, that had the potential of creating illness in the body, some as detrimental as cancer.

Why now am I offering food allergy testing at Beechcroft Retreats?

I decided that I really wanted to know that with everything that I’ve been doing, why I was still showing signs of leaky gut?

I ordered the test took my blood and sent it back to the lab. For someone who has not visited a GP in over 35 years, this test was quite something for me to do, (by the way this is not a test that is carried out at a hospital).

I waited 10 day in anticipation for the results to come back, over 220 foods had been tested. I opened my email tentatively, almost one eye looking at the results. I was curious and excited all at the same time.

I was amazed at my results, I was depriving myself of so many foods that were actually beneficial to me and that in fact could have been helping me to heal my gut over the years, but instead I stayed with the standard blood group diet. Don’t get me wrong some things did correspond with the general blood group suggestions, but at the same time there were hundreds of foods that had the green light for me, which meant that those foods would be Medicine to my body, but I had avoided them thinking they were bad for me.

In summing up you can’t beat a personal food intolerance test, because at the end of the day one cap does not fit all, which is why the treatments at Beechcroft Retreats are so unique, they are bespoke to each patient/client’s needs.

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The test includes a full 2 hours consultation with Merlee, the test itself, a comprehensive email about 14 days later showing your full results and a hard copy through the post.

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