Tap water. It’s free, and it’s fresh right? Well, maybe not.

To make tap water drinkable involves a process of adding a large range of chemicals, including chlorine, acids and sulphites. In addition, the water has to travel through underground pipes, many of which are lead or copper and have been around since Victorian times. In the UK, Fluorine is routinely added. This is banned in most other European countries.

Prominent scientists are alarmed by the amount of contamination and are actively seeking for the processes and additives to be changed. They believe there are a lot of health risks associated with the additives such as cancers and gene mutation.

A healthier alternative is Grander water. This is a water that has been reprocessed to change the inner structure of the water and this makes the water more stable. No chemicals are added in the process making it much healthier.

Beechcroft Retreats only uses this kind of water in drinking, cooking and even our colonic treatments.